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Down the Drain

“Don’t spend your money on something that’s going to go down the drain.” This wisdom was offered to me when I was debating between buying the Byredo Mojave Ghost body wash or body lotion. Both offer the same delicious scent (and I’m not one of those people who uses “delicious,” but it’s really the best […]

When You Can’t Find a Rabbit, Find a Rose

I’m a sucker for a story. I think stories matter. Words matter. Names matter. I have a fragrance named Grace from Philosophy and a lipstick named Grace from Charlotte Tilbury and a lipstick named Grace from Nars and a lipstick named Grace from Hourglass and a cat named Grace from New York City. (And when […]

What I Did for (Puppy) Love

I need to tell you a secret, and while I know you will be shocked, I hope you will not be disappointed in me. I was not a Broadway baby. Yes, I started performing locally when I was 7-years-old, and I basically grew up onstage. But I wasn’t that kid who poured over Broadway legends […]

Coming Clean

About a year ago, I began to reassess my relationship with health and beauty when I read an Instagram post by Lena Dunham. (Yes, Lena Dunham. What? Where do you get your news?) She was posting about the launch of Gwyneth Paltrow’s skincare line, Goop. I had never really listened to beauty news before. (Lies. […]


How did we get here, friends? Our political process has been turned upside-down, and Ken Bone is allegedly a breakout star, and Billy Bush is the only relevant Bush in an election against a Clinton. Donald Trump has hopefully strengthened our resolve in who we are as a nation and as a people, but in […]

The September Issue

You guys, fall is my jam. For the past decade and a half, fall has meant two things: fashion and TV. Throughout the month of September, my social media newsfeeds become flooded with reports from various fashion weeks, and my DVR works on overdrive to make sure I’m watching all the new shows. Likewise, I […]


Growing up (and, in the interest of transparency, as an adult), I was always afraid of Back to the Future II. I loved the first one. I was an 80s kid, I thought the Calvin Klein name was super funny, I loved 50s fashion, and the fact that it had the Howard the Duck girl meant […]