Monthly Archives: May 2017

When You Can’t Find a Rabbit, Find a Rose

I’m a sucker for a story. I think stories matter. Words matter. Names matter. I have a fragrance named Grace from Philosophy and a lipstick named Grace from Charlotte Tilbury and a lipstick named Grace from Nars and a lipstick named Grace from Hourglass and a cat named Grace from New York City. (And when […]

Beware of Rabbits

Like Alice, I’ve never met a rabbit I didn’t chase. It’s not that I go out hunting them. They just sort of find me, much like the Lena Dunham Instagram post did. I spot a rabbit, and the chase begins. I won’t even lie for the sake of metaphor and say that I slowly and […]

What I Did for (Puppy) Love

I need to tell you a secret, and while I know you will be shocked, I hope you will not be disappointed in me. I was not a Broadway baby. Yes, I started performing locally when I was 7-years-old, and I basically grew up onstage. But I wasn’t that kid who poured over Broadway legends […]

Coming Clean

About a year ago, I began to reassess my relationship with health and beauty when I read an Instagram post by Lena Dunham. (Yes, Lena Dunham. What? Where do you get your news?) She was posting about the launch of Gwyneth Paltrow’s skincare line, Goop. I had never really listened to beauty news before. (Lies. […]


Please don’t be fooled. I write about fashion and makeup and puppies. I make jokes about reality, and I even dip my toe in fiction. But I am also a human being with real stuff, and just when I thought I could go light, they went heavy. I have a pre-existing condition. Actually, I have […]


“Live the life you’ve imagined.” That’s what my pillow says. But friends, I have a vivid and shifting imagination. One day I’m an almost-lawyer, and another day I own a clothing store. For a minute, I was a poor man’s Seth Meyers. Or John Oliver. (Actually, I fancy myself a Seth Meyers meets Mindy Kaling, […]