Monthly Archives: September 2016

The September Issue

You guys, fall is my jam. For the past decade and a half, fall has meant two things: fashion and TV. Throughout the month of September, my social media newsfeeds become flooded with reports from various fashion weeks, and my DVR works on overdrive to make sure I’m watching all the new shows. Likewise, I […]

How the Other Half Lives

“I’m shy.” My brother once said this when meeting one of my friends for the first time. It struck me as odd, because, well, if you know my brother, you probably wouldn’t use the word “shy” to describe him. But he was visiting me in New York to look at colleges, and this particular friend […]


Growing up (and, in the interest of transparency, as an adult), I was always afraid of Back to the Future II. I loved the first one. I was an 80s kid, I thought the Calvin Klein name was super funny, I loved 50s fashion, and the fact that it had the Howard the Duck girl meant […]

The Meet-Cute

Today was a day of meet-cutes. In my own little world, my new puppy and my cat of 14 years shared a room and some sweet nothings at a louder volume than a whisper. In the larger political world, America’s sweetheart Donald Trump sat down with life-size poop developer Dr. Oz for a will-they-won’t-they medical […]

America’s Next Trump Model

You know that thing where it’s a holiday weekend, and you really just want to take a moment off? And maybe you’ve had guests in town, and you’re also doing some housework that you’ve been putting off for 6 months? And maybe it’s also going to be a really big TV night, because CNN is […]

How to Get Elected 5th Grade Class President

Make a 10-point plan and present it as a numerical list. Do not get clever or creative with your language. This is not a work of art. This is a list. Lists make you sound really smart and have the added benefit of demonstrating to everyone that you can count to 10. Make sure to […]