Monthly Archives: August 2016

Make America Shake Again

In this 24-hour news cycle, the conversation can shift in a day, and, more often than not, it finds itself in the seemingly most unlikely of places. Today, for example, we’re back with our old friend Anthony Weiner, but I can sum that up pretty quickly. Basically, Weiner is out again (ironically, it was Breitbart […]

Oh, Kay

This has been a tough election cycle. There have been insults to women and jabs thrown faster than Trump’s tiny hands can tweet. And they don’t even all come from Donald Trump! Remember when Marco Rubio offered that middle school barb about how you know what it means when someone has small hands? And let’s not […]

Welcome to Wonderland…Again

Look, I know my way around wonderland. For a good chunk of my adult life, my entire brand centered around a rabbit. I enjoy a mad tea party, I can handle a caterpillar’s question, and I know which ones make you bigger and which ones make you smaller. So, I’ve lived here for long enough […]

A Rose by Any Other Name

Did you ever play that game where you cast yourself and your friends in your favorite TV show? When we did Beverly Hills, 90210, I was always Andrea. When we did Friends, I was always Ross. When we did Sex & the City…..well, you get it. So, I was thinking it would be fun to […]

Finding Statler a Waldorf

“What did you do this weekend?”

I hate that question. Hate it. And I get it every Monday. Getting coffee. Getting groceries. “What did you do this weekend?”

And I always offer a half-smile with the same answer: “Oh, nothing special.”

But that’s not true!